Coming from architectural engineering and landscape architecture, we had a good foundation for visual composition and handling the technical aspects of a project. Over time we became better versed in cinematography, photography, compositing, color theory, visual effects, motion design and of course 3D modeling and rendering.

For the renovation of a hosing complex the client gave us 2D CAD files from which we had to build a full BIM model using Autodesk Revit. We recreated the exact site topography and original structure for reference, then we generated various iterations of the project for the client as the project evolved. Once the architecture was finalized we were commissioned to create several renderings of the project.

As series of images that evolved with the design of this housing proposal. The primary goal was to represent what the project would actually look like rather than trying to appropriate a false narrative. Eventually the work-flow derived from this project would lead to the client asking for a guideline template on how to achieve images that would best represent the final product for streamlined consistency in future projects.

The Sojami factory. A specialized laboratory that uses proprietary techniques to create fresh soy products. As to publicize the advantages and feasibility of an eco-friendly factory, images and a film were created for the Global Food Marketplace (SIAL) trade show in Paris. In order to set up the context for the project we had to re-create the surrounding Industrial park associated with the Agropole, a technopole for agricultural technologies.

The development of an Airport proposal illustrating current and future goals for the project. From a few hand drawn sketches, we used various techniques in creating the visuals for this project. In order to capture footage of the airport we had to charter a small passenger plane piloted by one of the instructors from the airports flight school. We would then composite the footage with the future project in 3D. As the footage was captured in the winter time the vegetation had no leaves, so we had to generate virtual trees for the forest far behind the airport.