For the "Terrasses du Boulevard" the principle idea from architectural firm François de La Serre was to bring together a variety high class apartments into an elegant complex of modern living with luxurious amenities.

Version française:

With privatized parking and a spacious courtyard separating the structures, the project is conveniently situated right outside the city center, making it an ideal location for accessing all the necessary services for comfortable living.

Composed of expansive terraces populated by planters full of flora, that of which outline the different plateaus of the structure framing every apartment in shade. White polished concrete defining the verticality of the two buildings with glazed en-coves for entrances setting the axsis for the mirrored nature of the project. Adorned at the highest level is a barreled construction of Zinc that extends down the sides to en-robe the smaller terraces.

The goal of this film, was to bring to light all these interesting elements found in the apartments, as well as illustrate the over all design and flow of the exterior spaces.

We were given a SketchUp model and floor plans for the first draft of the project. From this we created the first iteration of the project witch proved to be difficult as the preliminary documents were full of inconsistencies and misaligned elements. Eventually everything was put together giving us a good basis from which to start the production and communication process.

As the clients designs evolved we were able to quickly make modifications to test out different architectural features and layouts. Yet as the project took form, the interior design had not been prioritized so we ended up doing all the interior design elements ourselves.

We wanted this particular look of a calming pastel feel, and we put together a lot of mood boards with all these designers we liked and went hard to work on making all the assets we needed. In the end we ended up with a clean and harmoniums composition using this consistent style of a modern yet soft complicity. All of which made for a splendid palette of colors that melded well with the architecture of the project.

The final product of this collaboration was used for the commercial purpose of selling the apartments before construction. In the end several versions of the film came to light before the final one had borne its fruit. A massive scene with a city scale, 10 highly detailed luxury apartments to display and a complete video presentation demonstrating all the project has to offer.

Fifth and Sixth floor Duplex:
Fourth and fifth floor Duplex:
Fourth floor apartment:
Third floor apartments:
Second floor apartments:
First floor apartments: