When we were brought on to this project providing real-time visualization using Unreal Engine the overall communication and design process was vastly improved as layout variations, color pallets and furniture choices could be instantly updated or modified proving to be an essential tool for the architect.

Version française: https://www.filma.fr/rehabilitation-de-bureaux/

During the design process it can be a challenge communicating various visual elements and details as we try to imagine the compositions of volumes, colors and materials. Usually the design process is decided by a few individuals, although if such a process needs to be validated by hundreds of people it can be very difficult.

That was the case for accounting department at Sodiall, as every employee was invested in the outcome of there future workspace.

For the new office space the layout was to be changed to an open office, for better communication, light distribution and space consolidation. Although we had the head secretary as a liaison, the essential design principles set out by the architect had to be decided upon unanimously among all employees.

When early iterations of the project were presented it proved to be to difficult for so many people to contextualize the architects vision using only floor plans and images as the overall aesthetics, layout and ambiance were being lost in translation. Once the design process was alleviated by our complimentary design services the project was quickly finalized with a virtual walk-through and real-time presentation.