The hall is an historical land mark for the city of Villeneuve sur lot. Having already gone through many changes and transformations, the municipality has once again decided to renovate the timeless structure from the XIXe century.

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With time the original design of the hall had been lost, with this new effort of consolidation the original structure is to be rediscovered and modernized. The north facing wall will repeat the glazing design of the south facade and the primary limestone arch will be re-constructed, serving as the new landmark entrance circulating from the city center.

An atmosphere of liveliness is accentuated by the new interior market place stands now open daily. At the center we can find the fruits and vegetables stand. To the right a meat stand, fish stand and fine foods stand with a large selection of wine. On the opposite side there is a bread and pastry stand, cheese stand and bar and restaurant with direct access to the sprawling terrace providing a panoramic view on the river Lot.

The site and primary structure were modeled from ground up using reference images and drawings. All interior elements were retopologized from a very messy and heavy SketchUp file. With such a large data set the project was split up into different zones and streamed in as separate levels in Unreal Engine. A global skylight was baked in using "Lightmass" as the dynamic sun utilized real-time RTX GI for realistic light bounce.