Originally approached to create images for the competition of a residential renovation, we ended up playing a critical roll in the project's development as we ended up building the entire project and site in a BIM format using Revit.

Version française: https://www.filma.fr/modele-bim-et-images-de-concours/

The only elements we received were 2D CAD documents and fresh topographic information for the site. And the Architect had informed us that the design was not finalized, yet we needed to begin iterations immediately.

In order to facilitate the ease of an ever changing project we opted to completely recreate the entire project in a BIM format, so that we could evolve the modifications and better understand the direction of the new design elements. After sharing this with the architect it became an integral part of the design process going forward because we were able to easily compare the original structures aspects with new ideas as we experiment with different designs.

The supplementary information generated by the BIM model became very useful for the architect as we could demonstrate various systems and how best to facilitate structural and thermal solutions.

As the project grew it was very simple to make modifications and adjustments to the final images as the 3D assets could be easily updated making the whole process fast and responsive, creating a collaborative design environment between the architect and ourselves.