For the city of Agen, we were tasked with creating a visual demonstration of the future plans for there Airport and its surrounding amenities. The site is located opposite the river Garonne South West of the city center.

Version française:

The old structure was to be replaced by a more modern and simplistic design, with a stainless steel roof depicting wings of an air craft and wooden siding to complement the light design.

Before visiting the airport we had devised a story board with an animatic, music and overall pacing so that we knew exactly the kind of principle photography we needed to capture. Filming was done over 2 afternoons which gave us plenty of time to come up with additional shots.

The best way to illustrate an Airport is from the sky but as it proves to be problematic flying drones over an active airspace, we decided to chartered a small plane from the locale pilots academy to capture the footage from above. We used a Canon 70D for the principle shots and had a GoPro that was fixed on the plane’s wing for supporting shots.

We would then camera track the relevant footage and layer over the 3D elements, compositing the final shots, and even go as far as recreating the trees behind the airport as we had taken the footage during the winter.